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Most challenge in building masonry are the custom and manual production to achieve perfect standard( Q-lassic), multiple coordination and fill up grey zones left over by other trades and designer.

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Brickwork, Plastering & Skim coat work

Plastering work for housing, Sg buloh


Brickwork for double storey, Damansara Damai


Facing Brick, PJ Glad Tiding Church


Skim coat & rendering work at Elements, Ampang

Conquas standard bricklaying, Setia Sky park


Plastering work for housing,

Sg buloh

Brick & Plaster work at

Ampang LRT station

Brickwork & plastering at

Hua Zong Building, Serdang

High level plastering,

Hua Zong


All kind of brickwork, cement plastering and skim coat work carry out to highrise building and terrace houses compliance to Q-lassic and Conquas standard requirement.