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Magna Klasik Sdn. Bhd.

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ABF New Cooling Tower under construction


Lightweight Block installation


Magna Klasik Sdn Bhd. is one of the Malaysia's leading specialist subcontractors diverse from building foundation to steel structural, masonry  & tiling works, with capacity over 200 workers and well qualified supervisors.

Magna Klasik is therefore able to combine its years of experience in construction solutions with the acquired expertise to offer a range of business:

  1. RC Structural work
  2. Steel Structural work
  3. Tiling work
  4. Lightweight wall panel system
  5. Plastering work
  6. Skim coat

Our experience has seen Magna Klasik Sdn Bhd work on a diversity of construction projects, from apartments and residential houses to high-rise commercial office/residential units, oil & gas plants and factories warehousing across Malaysia.

We have work with host of leading developers and contractors to effectively streamline any schedule of works, ensuring projects are delivered on both time and budget.

With our large dedicated work force, we able to achieved direct construct the projects without further subletting. 

Our price are competent and with no further sub contract. We are the one who direct perform the job.