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Lightweight Panel Precast Wall

3 in 1 Eco lightweight wall panel system provide fast , light and “Eco” measured to modern building design needs that emphasize green index and cleanliness.

This panel wall system is 30% faster in construction period compared with conventional RC shear wall or Brick wall. It reduced overall dead load of the building hence reduce factor in foundation during design stage.   


Strong bonding power and perfect verticality achieved after setting

Completed lightweight wall panel installation pending for skim coat final application


AAC ( Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) Block is widely used currently due to its IBS compliance encouraged by local government & CIDB, and its green and "eco" material content make it highly demand especially high-rise building.

We are proud to be specialist installer for several well known AAC block supplier etc Starken, Greencon for various projects in KL. Our trained workers are familiar with the block assoceries work and requirement as per the manufacturer's and architect specification. 

The successful block work is not only measured in its light weight and green manner but in material wastage control in typical opening area, manual block cutting methodology, string alignment, environment control in surrounding work area. These gives total advantage compared to conventional grey and cement sand brick.