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Bina Malaysia

Pipeline Chamber & Stations

Gas pipeline chambers at Senai, Johor

Gas meter station at Kulai Jaya, Johor

Gas Meter Station F12000 at Kota Warisan, Dengkil

8" Gas pipeline chambers at Kota Warisan, Dengkil

Pipeline valve chamber at Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam

Gas Malaysia chambers at Tg. Langsat, Johor

Depth level RC


Chemical Sulphur tank at Arkema Lychee, Kerteh

Our oil & gas contractor division provides comprehensive construction project management which involved supply and construct;

  1. Pipeline chamber & meter station
  2. Gas Odouriser station
  3. Concrete structural works in Oil & Gas Plants throughout Malaysia

Resourcefull and experience made Magna Klasik the fast response & efficient vendor that had recorded completion of 12 set of pipeline chambers & several meter station in single particular project within one month which awarded by Gas Malaysia Bhd. & its main contractor.  

We have successfully delivered projects for  variety of clients includes;

  • Gas Malaysia Bhd.
  • Dialog Bhd
  • Broadgate Engineering (M) S/B
  • Fusionspace Solutions (M) S/B
  • Algotech (M) S/B
  • Misi Setia Utilities S/B
  •  Diversified Engineering S/B
  • Galaxy Onshore S/B

Magna Klasik is committed to providing value and completion within schedule to our customers through skill and experience of our team.

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